What Kids Do At Church Youth Camps

30 September 2022
 Categories: Religion & Spirituality, Blog

Church youth camps combine religion and recreation in a way that hopefully reaches kids. If you've never sent your kids to this type of camp, here's what goes on at a typical church youth camp. The exact activities at a specific camp might vary. This is a fairly common setup, though.

Start of Day: Devotional and Breakfast

The day at a church youth camp normally begins with a devotional, a brief time of prayer, and breakfast. A leader might share the same devotional with everyone at a large-group gathering, or each group of kids might have their own devotional. If devotionals are by group, the devotional might be given by a camp counselor or an attendee.

Breakfast is normally served cafeteria-style, as are lunch and dinner typically.

Morning: Small Group Time and Activity

The morning is often spent with a small group, which includes several kids attending the church youth camp and their counselor. The group might conduct an in-depth Bible study, have a time of sharing and praying, or do some volunteer work together. 

They also frequently have a fun activity each morning. The activity could be swimming, boating, hiking, playing a sport, preparing a play, or something else. Activities depend on where a camp is and what's available to it.

Noon: Socialization and Lunch

Most church youth camps schedule lunch for somewhere around noon. This is a time of socialization as the kids eat.

Afternoon: Private Time, Group Time, and Activity

The afternoon period is often composed of some private time, during which kids might read the Bible, pray, meditate, play music, or take care of personal matters (e.g. phone calls home).

Kids will usually also meet with a small group, and do some activity during this time. The activity is often different from the morning one. There's also free time for kids attending the church youth camp.

Evening: Singing, Socializing, and Dinner

Dinner occurs at a normal dinner hour, and it's another period of socializing while eating. 

After dinner, church youth camps frequently schedule a time of singing altogether. This can be accompanied by a message from one of the camp's leaders. Kids are expected to pay attention during the message and participate in the singing. They'll have free time before and after, though.

Night: Quiet Time and Lights Out

Lights will have to be turned off at a specific time. Before this, kids attending the church youth camp might talk with a friend or two, or they may read on their own.

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