The Deeper Spirituality Of Gravestone Markers

15 July 2015
 Categories: Religion & Spirituality, Blog

The tradition of marking the grave of a loved one in order to show respect for the dead and provide a place for the living to visit and remember reaches back centuries. In fact, hundreds of years ago in North America some Indian tribes built large mounds out of earth, rock or timber that served as monuments to the dead. Grave markers have changed significantly since then, however the long tradition has served to create a world of symbolism. There are many emotional and spiritual symbols that can be engraved onto headstones to represent the dead in a deep and meaningful way.

The Meaning behind the Engraved Anchor Symbol

The anchor is a common symbol that is engraved onto the headstones of sailors. The idea behind it is not purely to symbolize a ship or the great ocean in which they spent a lot of their life. It is meant as a symbol of eternal life. The anchor is meant to secure them to their next spiritual plane, providing them with peace and happiness. There is also another meaning of the anchor symbol. Having been regularly discovered on the graves of Masons, it is thought to be a Masonic symbol that promotes well-grounded hope.

The Symbolisation of the Engraved Book

The reasons behind this symbol are quite extensive. In many cases, it has been found on the graves of ministers and clergymen and is thought to represent the Bible. However, it is also a symbol that is applied to people who have devoted their lives to learning and knowledge. Furthermore, a much deeper and less literal meaning is when the symbol is used to represent an individual's good deeds throughout their life. The book is used in this situation because it represents all of these deeds being recorded in the book and life and therefore enabling them to move freely into Heaven.

The Emotional Representation of the Broken Bud

Any symbol on a gravestone carries an element of sadness as it being there in the first place represents a life that has been taken. However, the symbol of a broken bud is one of the most emotional symbols that can be seen. The reason for this is that it represents an untimely death. As can be expected this can regularly be seen on the graves of individuals who have died at a young age. However, it can also be applied to people who have been involved in fatal accidents or who have had their lives stolen due to criminal acts.

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