Tips For Making Church Visitors Feel Welcome

14 June 2021
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When you attend your church's weekly service, you will get used to seeing the same people around you. There will be times, however, that you notice someone new in the congregation. When this happens, it is important to make an effort to welcome this individual. People can sometimes feel a little uncertain when they attend a new church for the first time and will appreciate another member making them feel welcome. Here are some tips that you can use to achieve this goal. Read More 

How Can Low-Income Families Send Their Children To A College Prep School?

25 November 2019
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College prep schools, with their strong focus on independent learning, high student expectations, and helping students form rigorous study habits, are a great choice for any student that plans to go to college. Most low-income families, however, don't consider them — they feel that private schools are out of their reach. Thankfully, the existence of financial aid packages, including grants and loans, offered by college prep schools makes it entirely possible for students from low-income families to attend them. Read More